Thursday, December 10, 2015

Blogtober FAIL | Where have I been?

Well I can officially say that my first attempt of Blogtober was a big fat FAIL!

I had the best intentions...I had a schedule of every post I wanted to do for the full 31 days...I had determination....I had drive...but my world got turned upside down and I fell off track on day 11.

So what have I been doing??

Well in the middle of October I attended a 3 day course to become a Beachbody fitness instructor. I walked away with 3 fitness certifications to teach group fitness for Insanity LIVE, CIZE LIVE and Piyo!! It was an extremely proud moment for me.

During October I was notified that our house was FINALLY ready...hurry! My husband & I have been in the process of building our dream home for the past year. It was supposed to be completed in June but was seriously delayed. October we were scrambling to sort things out with the place we were currently renting, packing up and preparing to move! All while I was denied vacation time to do so...what a nightmare!

We are finally settling into our new place. We have bought TONS of furniture and are doing home projects to put personal touches on our new place. It's been so much fun but stressful at the same time.

All and all I know that none of these are valid excusses but sometimes LIFE just gets in the way. I've had to push aside some fun projects (like my blog) in order to focus on other tasks.


I have missed my blog SO MUCH! I am very happy to be back at it!

I am going back to my normal schedule of posting every Monday & Friday. Please be sure to follow my blog if you want to be notified when new blog posts go up so you wont miss a post.

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