Friday, April 22, 2016

Fitness & 21 Day Fix EXTREME Update | Blam Bombshell Fitness

Happy Fitness Friday!!

It's been a hot minuet since I've jumped on my blog and shared my fitness update. If you read my last marathon & 21 Day Fix Update you will know that since I got very ill in February I've had to change up my plans....still trying to let that disappointment go.

I am still working on my goal and I'm training for the ITU World Duathlon qualifying race.

Lately my bike has been my best friend. I am still working on getting my lungs back to being healthy and strong like they were before I got sick. I've been able to just get on my bike and spin in a low gear for hours - this seems to be easier on my lungs than running so that's what I've been sticking with.

Just within these past two weeks have I been putting on my runners and heading out on LSD (long slow distances). Trying to work my way back up to my fitness level I was at before. I will say that even though it hasn't been easy I'm glad I've been taking it slow rather than jumping back into a rigorous marathon training program.

With my new training program of course I am still using Beachbody programs to help with strength and increase my fitness. Lately I've been using 21 Day Fix EXTREME, which I love...but this program defiantly kicks my butt. I love that each day it mixes up the workouts - one day will be upper body, then lower body, then cardio, piyo, yoga, ect. I always feel that I'm a stronger and fast runner when I'm using these programs so I've added it into my daily training.

Along with the Beachbody programs, running, spinning and Shakoelogy that I've had in my program I've added something new - the Beachbody Performance Line. Lately I've been using a product called Energizer & Recovery. I've noticed that especially if I'm training later in the day I need a little pick me up before my training sessions and I don't like to sit down and eat a meal before training - because typically it makes me want to vomit! I've been using the energizer pre workout, it allows me to get through my workout with feeling starving and then I can eat after.

Post workout along with my meal I've also incorporated the Recovery first I thought this was a little gimmicky but I've noticed that especially when I do a leg workout, if I don't take my recovery drink my legs feel tiered for longer. The recovery drink helps me shorten the period that I have my tiered/sore feeling in my legs...which is awesome because then I can keep my training intensity up!

All and all I've been very happy with how training has been going and like I said in my last update I'm going to be doing mini races throughout the summer to before the world qualifying race, I've found a 5km race May 15th I'm going to be signing up for! This will be my first mini race and it'll give me a good idea of where my fitness level is currently at.

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