Friday, April 21, 2017

Fitness Update

Time has flown by since my last fitness update. I had to scroll way back on my blog and found my last fitness update post in February! Check out my February Fitness Update post if you haven't already. 

Since then I have completed my first race and my training has changed slightly. 

I did a 5km race April 9th to work on my running speed. Unfortunately the race course changed two days before race day due to flooding and they had to incorporate a hill! I haven't done any hill training as it is still early in race season so I was 5min slower than I wanted to be. We hit the hill about 2km into the race and up until then I was running under a 6min/km pace which was great. The hill was about 500 meters long so the turn around was at the top and by that time my legs were DONE. I really struggled the last half of the race but I keep telling myself it was the first race of the year and my time will only get better from here. 

Bear is still joining me once a week for training runs. I'm trying to run at least three times a week - that includes a interval run, tempo run and longer run. 

It's still too early to get my road bike out....even though I've seen some brave soles out and about on their I'm still just biking at my house inside on my trainer around twice a week.

Of course I'm still keeping up with my Beachbody programs as a cross training/strength training. Right now I'm just using 21 Day Fix and in three weeks I will switching to 21 Day Fix EXTREME. Mainly I've been using lower fix to work on leg strength, upper fix to work on my upper body strength and of course core.

My next race is another 5km in about three weeks. I am also trying to find a duathlon sprint race nearby that I can participate in at the end of May but so far I've had no luck find one. 

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