Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Things I'm Leaving Behind in 2017

Here's to a New Year.

2017 was difficult my me and my family. In the past year my husband and I have tried to overcome many obstacles within our personal life and with his own health struggles. Year after year it seems that our relationship is tested and with every overcoming test our relationship strengthens. While we've been so wrapped up in ourselves the year seemed to just fly by and I don't feel as though I accomplished a lot.

It was a quiet year on my blog, as I post little bits and pieces of my own life on this blog I'm not going to start posting about other people or struggles between myself and my husband on here. My husband is an extremely private person and doesn't like to be present on a lot of social media platforms. He's been struggling this past two years with an injury that hasn't allowed him to go back to work and we've been fighting with the insurance company so he can get the best treatment possible.

I've been saying a lot in 2017 "I don't have time for people who wish to bring negative energy to my life", I've been much more choosy about who I've been spending my time with. So here's a list of things I'm trying to give up this year so my family and I can be happier, to help shed the weight on our hearts and to have more peace going forward.

1. Give up the need to impress others
2. Give up complaining
3. Give up the need to control the uncontrollable
4. Give up the need to always be right
5. Give up blaming others
6. Give up excuses
7. Give up negative attachments
8. Give up toxic relationships
9. Give up the saying "I'm too busy"
10. Give up my fears

I'm hoping for a year of lighter hearts, I wish to take more quality time to spend with my family, I want to smile, laugh and do more things that I love but continue to put off because "I'm too busy". It's time to take the focus off of the negative and put more energy into my family. It's time to slow down and enjoy all the positive things in life.

Here's to all the good times ahead - HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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