Monday, March 30, 2015

March 2015 Favorites

Yes, it's that time again! With the end of the month comes my favorites of the month.

1) Estee Lauder Double wear concealer/ Maybelline Fit Me concealer - this concealer combo has been AMAZING! I love the Estee Lauder concealer but it's very heavy under the eye, I love the Maybelline concealer finish but it doesn't give me enough coverage. Put them together and you get the perfect concealers. First I put down the Estee Lauder concealer and then cover it with the Maybelline to get that great natural looking finish. I've also been using Estee Lauder concealer with some translucent powder on my eye lids for my primer.

2) Simple face lotion - I discovered this product late in the month and it is all thank you to Ingrid Nilsen and her "My Skincare Routine!" video. She raved about how amazing this lotion was so on my next trip to the drugstore I deiced to pick some up and she was right! Best face lotion ever! I feel in love right away.

3) Tart clean slate timesless smoothing primer - this is just a baby sample that I got from Sephora and I'm going to be heading back to purchase the full size. I just use a very tiny portion on this primer and i focus the products just on my cheeks and around my nose were I have large's amazing and just blurs them into your skin. I wear this even if i don't have foundation on that day.

4) Josie Maran 100% pure argan oil - still loving my Argan oil, I've had the regular 100% and light for a few months now. The light has been tucked into the back on my closet but I'm still using the 100% in my hair and mixing it with my foundation to give me a dewy glow on the skin. You can use this very sparingly, this little bottle I use everyday and I still have about half left.

5) T25/family walks - my March fitness routine consisted of T25 and tons of family walks! I love this program because I only have to workout for 25min, great for busy people and I'm so far LOVING the results I'm getting. Now you only have to do this program 5 times a week but I like to be active daily. On the 2 days I don't workout I've been going for long family walks which have been so much fun!

What product favorites did you have this month?

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