Monday, March 2, 2015

Products I Regret Buying February 2014

I know everyone is posting their blogs on products that they've loved over the month of February and as much as I love doing those blog posts....I really don't have any February favorites that are new.

So instead I've decided to do my very first products I regret buying. I have a lot to mention and as soon as I done with this blog post they are all going in the trash!

(starting from the top left)
1) Living Proof Prime Style Extender - this claims to extend the life of your hair style and is supposed to be like a makeup primer for your hair. Personally I didn't know any difference if I used this product or not

2)Alterna Uplifting Root Blast - this product is supposed to give you more voluminous hair but again I didn't notice any difference when I used it

3) got2b Gaurdian Angel - now this product I used to LOVE! Its specifically for hair when you are curling it with either a straightener or curling iron. This was the first heat protecting product that I ever tried and I fell in love with it straight away. However, this bottle was nearing empty and when I tried to find a replacement bottle I couldn't find this product anywhere! I think it might have been discounted so I picked up some new products and just never went back to finishing this bottle.

4)Tresemme Platinum Strength Heat Protect Spray - defiantly don't use this spray when you are trying to curl hair, its way too heavy and the curls will fall out very quickly. I tried this for when I straight my hair and it's okay but I have another product that I prefer so I don't use this one anymore.

5) Aveeno Pure Renewal Dry Shampoo - I'm big on dry shampoos but I have dark hair so I have to be careful about which ones I use. This leaves a white/grey residue in your hair so if your blonde this would be okay but I can't use it

(now from the bottom left)
6) Lush Tea Tree Water - this is my first Lush product that I was disappointed with. I felt this really dried out my skin so I've stopped using it

7) Living Proof Full Thickening Cream - recently I've been trying different thickening products but this one didn't agree with my hair at all. This really weighted it down and made it feel very unclean...not something you want when you get out of the shower

8) Pantene Curly Hair Style - I was using this product when I was going for that wet scrunchy look. It does work really well for that but I don't find that hairstyle is in anymore so I've stopped using this product.

9) Klorane Dry Shampoo With Oat Milk - another dry shampoo and another fail. This dry shampoo also left that white/grey residue in my hair which is just not flattering for dark hair gals

10)Big Sexy Hair Volumizing Dry Shampoo - and last but not least....another dry shampoo. Now if you have dark hair you can use this dry shampoo but I wasn't a fan of the texture if left in your hair. My hair felt very dirty and I like my dry shampoos to leave my hair feeling refreshed.

What were your product regrets from February?

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  1. i didnt like the 2 living proof products u regretted buying either. the only thing i liked that worked was the 5-in-1 grey cream thing in a tube? that one is good.. try it! sephora has a great return policy.. im sure u know :)

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