Monday, June 29, 2015

June 2015 Favorites

June has been a very excited and busy month for me!! I'm less than 2 weeks away from my wedding which means I've been very busy preparing and trying out beauty products to finalize my makeup look (which I will be doing myself). During this time I have discovered new favorites and pulled out some oldies as well. Here are my June favorites:

Josie Margan Argan Oil Hair Serum - I've got this back in April and it looks like I've barley used ANY of this product. I was just using the regular Josie Margan argan oil for my hair but I deiced when I ran out to try something new. I use this when I get out of the shower on damp hair and after I style to give me a smooth polished look. It great! My hair feels so soft and conditioned every time i use this. Also I dye my hair myself at home and if you mix 10 drops of this stuff in with your hair dye you can actually treat you hair while your dying it!! I've noticed a big chance, my hair used to feel very dried out for about a week after I dyed my hair, but not anymore. After I dye my hair is sooo soft it feels like I just did a hair mask.

Lancome Hydra Intense Hydrating Gel Mask - I've really gotten into masks lately and this is just one that I'm loving. I use this in the shower, its a gel mask that just makes your skin feel hydrated. I have really dry skin so anything that helps hydrate it is a plus in my book.

Caudalie Beauty Elixir - I've heard of this prodcut a few times on YouTube but have never tried it. I was shopping at Sephora when this cause my eye is the isle of doom (the checkout isle that has all the mini samples). I decided to give it a try but wasn't sure even what to do with it, I actually had to look up online when I got home. I found something that said to spray this overtop of your foundation before powder to give you a flawless look. Normally that would seem CRAZY to me! I would never thing of pulling a liquid on my skin before powder...but I have to say it works! It locks in the foundation before doing powder and makes you skin look glowing and radiant. I also felt that it lasted a lot longer than if I were to just do powder. Big thumbs up in my eyes and something I am looking forward to using on my wedding day to help my makeup last all day and into the night.

Fresh Rose Rose Face Mask - This is just a baby sample size that I got at Sephora for redeeming 100 points. I really wanted to try this mask for a  long time now and I must say this is another good one. I put this one 10min before I get in the shower and then wash it off. My skin feels amazing after and I've noticed that when I consistently use masks my makeup application goes on a lot smoother.

Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder + BeautyBlender - This might seem like an odd combination but this will make you skin look flawless!!! I saw Kandee Johnson on YouTube do this trick and I now do this everyday. This is the mini powder ( I don't use a lot so I decided not to purchase the big size) the small travel size comes with a puff....which I don't use. I've also tried a bunch of different powder brushes with this powder but nothing does the job like the BeautyBlender. Get your BeuatyBlender wet and tap some of the powder into the lid. Then take your damp BeautyBlender and pick up some of the product in the lid and apply it to your face in a patting motion. Your makeup will last all day, it wont look caskey and it will look flawless!! This is another thumbs up and something that I will be using on my wedding day.

That's it for my favorites this month. What have your favorites been?

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