Monday, June 22, 2015

Product Empties June 2015

Epsom Salt - I love these salts for my bath...which is why i buy such large containers. This is a must for bath time and I've already repurchased more

Vanilla Bubbling Body Bath - another must have for bath time. This is great to mix with the Epsom salt to make an amazing bath time experience

Calgon Ageless Bath Nourishing Mild Bath - this is another bath product, this bath product is infused with vitamin E, collagen and pearl powder. This is a milk bath that is for softer skin. When I use this in my bath I find I don't have to lotion after my bath because my skin is very silky smooth

Calgon Ageless Bath Renewing Bath Pearls - yes another bath product! We've been having a ton a baths lately in our house. This product isn't as great as some other bath products that I've tried.

Dove Deep moisture hydration body wash - not my favorite body wash but it does leave your skin feeling soft. I'm trying something new that I think I like a little better....still on that hunt for my holly grail body wash

Neutrogena body emulsion concentrated lotion - I bought this product by mistake, I went to repurchase another Neutrogena lotion and picked this one up by mistake. Its not as great as the other one

Nivea Gel Cellulite Gel - another gimmicky product. I was hoping this would help the cellulite on my legs but unfortunately it did absolutely nothing

Tarte clean slate timeless smoothing primer - this is just a sample I got from Sephora and it has been an amazing primer! I picked up another one during the VIB Rouge sale

Christian Dior Creme De Rose - This is about my 5th tube of this product. It is just amazing! IT is on the pricey side but it's a great product. I'm trying out some new lip products that are a little cheaper to try and save some money....still undecided on how I feel about the new products

Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill - best mascara ever! This packaging isn't the greatest because I find it doesn't close all the way. I think it dried out really quickly because of this. I just repurchased this maraca in the waterproof formula and I noticed that the packaging has changed which is awesome! They seemed to fix this problem so I'm hoping my new tube lasts longer

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