Sunday, September 13, 2015

Bio Seaweed Gel | Nail Art

This weekend I got to play around with some gel polish from Bio Seaweed Gel. The colors I picked is Ottawa & Montreal.

I highly recommend if you are thinking about buying some of these polishes that you check out some color swatches online. As seen in the picture above the actual color is slightly different than what's on the bottle. 

This is a very unique nail polish...this polish will actually cure in sunlight OR with an LED lamp. I have tried it both ways and it works! I actually really enjoyed taking my nail polish outside and painting my nails on the deck, it was a great way to spend some time outside this summer.

Unfortunately over the weekend here in Edmonton it rain so I used my LED lamp to create this look.

I stared by coating my nail with 2 coats of Ottawa and then I drew on a cute pink bow with Montreal. Here's a tip if you don't have any nail tools like me. To create designs like these use a fine point pen ( on that you don't care about using after or one that is out of ink) as your tool. Put a dollop of polish on a piece of paper and dip the pen in. Brush off any excess polish before starting your design. If you are a beginning practice drawing your design on paper before attempting it on your nails. The Montreal color reminds me of a Barbie pink so I though a cute bow design would be appropriate. 

If you like this nail art please go over to @bioseaweedgel Instagram page and vote on this nail art between Sept 14-16. There will be a nail art contest going on featuring looks done by members of CBB (Canadian Beauty Bloggers). The winner will get bragging rights and host a Bio Seaweed Gel giveaway on their blog! Please go vote so I can give you guys some awesome prizes from this company. 

If you are interested in trying these gel colors out you can use the coupon code "MSPAMBLAM" for $10 off at . 

Share below if you have tried out this polish and what color did you pick up?

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