Friday, March 4, 2016

Marathon Training & 21 Day Fix Progress Update Week 6 | Making A Comeback?

Is it a comeback? If you haven't caught up on my weekly training updates please go check out week 5 blog has been a little crazy these past 6 weeks and training has NOT gone as planned. 

I posted last Saturday on my social media that I was making a comeback. I woke up early just to head out on my long run which I was DETERMINED to complete. My training program called for a 16km run, but if you've been following me you'll know I've been very sick with a chest infection and I've missed my last 3 long runs.

Unfortunately I only made it to lungs were really feeling it! This is just my personal opinion but I feel that yes it is good to push your body, but only to a certain point. I know that 16km was a very unrealistic for my Saturday run but I have to say I was disappointed with only getting in 5km.

The rest of the week went pretty well. I completed all my Beachbody workouts at home so I can mark that down as a WIN. I'm really feeling so much stronger since I've started combining Beachbody with my marathon training. Plus it gives my legs a rest from just running, running, running every single day.

The rest of my runs during the week were pretty slow. My goal recently has been just to finish my workouts - without killing myself. I didn't do anything spectacular this week but I got it done.

That's pretty much it for this week! Sorry it wasn't anything too crazy exciting but slowly I am making a comeback.

Please check back next week for my week 7 update! Thanks for stopping by

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