Saturday, February 27, 2016

Marathon Training & 21 Day Fix Progress Update | Week 5

I would love to tell you that I killed in week 5 and just got completely back on track with my training - BUT - the reality is it's been a slow recovery week. I can't believe I've been almost sick for the entire month of February! If you check out my week 3&4 update you'll know that I had a really bad chest inflection and I am still feeling so tiered and run down it's just ridiculous.

Since my last update I've only been able to get in a few workouts. Saturday was supposed to be a long run of 13km...which didn't happen. I spent the entire day cleaning and disinfecting my house. I want this infection GONE. I scrubbed everything that I've touched and washed all the bedding. My energy level was so low, I had to take numerous breaks while cleaning because I got so tiered. I thought to myself - there is no way for me to go out now and run 13km. I would just be setting myself up for failure. Also as per my doctors instructions I am not to be out running while I still have my cough. Unfortunately over the weekend my cough continued. I stayed home and rested the entry weekend and continued to disinfect the house.

Finally when Monday rolled around I was able to do a workout from 21 Day Fix. My energy level was still pretty low. The workout was Piyo Fix which was perfect because I feel Piyo is pretty low intensity (compared to some of the other 21 Day Fix workouts). I got through most of the 30min workout...but I'm not gunna lie it was tough.

Tuesday should have been interval training but honestly I had to sit that one out. I just felt exhausted!

Then on Wednesday I got back on track with other 21 Day Fix workout, Upper Fix.  By the time Wednesday rolled around I noticed that there was FINALLY an improvement with my cough. I definitely wasn't cough as much or as bad as I was before. I managed to get through my workout and most of day with a very minimal cough. I could tell that there was finally some recovery progress being made - which of course made me thrilled.

When Thursday hit I felt confident enough that I could go for a run!! I didn't want to kill myself - keep in mind the last day I was out for a run was February 4th which was 21 days ago. The plan was to run 8km tempo....I honestly looked at that and I thought if I can just run around the block I would be happy. I ended up running 4km...and it was nothing crazy or fast, just a steady tempo run.

Friday I was exhausted and had to take a day off so I could ramp up for Saturday which was my long run! Next week I'll update you on how that went  in my week 6 update. Make sure you check back next week on Fitness Friday.

Thanks so much for stopping by! If you have any questions please feel free to leave them in the comments below.

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