Friday, February 5, 2016

Marathon Training & 21 Day Fix Progress Update | Week 2

I am very happy to report that I had a very successful week 2 of training!!! I am dead tiered but at the same time I feel incredibly strong.

If you didn't read my week 1 update please go check it out!! Make sure you are subscribed to my blog so you can follow my full 18 week journey.

Last week when I posted my update I hadn't completely finished my full first week. Friday I still had a 21 Day Fix workout (which went great) and Saturday I had to run about 10km - which I finished but it was difficult.

I started my 10km pretty late in the day - around 11am. It was a nice day for a run and I got to explore my new neighborhood...which I got lost a few times and had no idea where I was lol. But that's ok because I had a blast! If you follow me on Snapchat (mspamblam) I even stopped to Snap a few pictures of my community.

The point of a long run is to just go slow and complete the distance. I wasn't doing intervals, or any speed drills. While running I like to listen to some Beachbody coaching personal development...listening to audio books helps me keep my mind off of "how much further", "I'm getting tired", "my legs are hurting" and it helps me stay in the present and focused on what I'm doing.

Not going to lie thought - it was no walk in the park. After about 8km I went home to drop off my jacket and grab some water..I almost didn't finish my last 2km. Luckily I had a very encouraging husband who motivated me to head out and finish! Which I did and I was VERY happy when I was done.

Sunday was REST DAY! The best day of the week. I think that it's very important to give yourself one day to rest and let your body recoup.

Then on Monday I head back to work with 21 Day Fix. Monday was Pilates....perfect for coming off a rest day and still recovering from my 10 km run. It was great to be able to stretch out my body and slow my training down.

Tuesday was running intervals...these are probably my favorite to do! I love speed drills, which makes sense because I have a sprinting background. Most of them around 5min pace, which was the same as last week. So I didn't get any faster, but I didn't get any slower AND this week I had less rest in between intervals. Overall when I compare week 1 to week 2's times I've very happy with the results.

Wednesday was about 21 Day Fix workout. CARDIO FIX!! This was really tough after intervals but I got it done!! If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen a short video demonstrating 1 of the moves.

Then back to running on Thursday which a tempo run. I was really dreading this workout...I was very fortunate to have my husband come with me! It's so much more motivating going out for tempo and interval runs when you have someone beside you. We really pushed each other during the run, we really traded off who lead...sometimes he was in front and I was falling off the pace....sometimes I was in front and he was falling off the pace. But we managed to finish together and in an ok time - it could have been better. I definitely have room to improve with my tempo.

That's it for my week 2 update!!

If you have any questions about my training/progress please feel free to leave them in the comments below and I will answer them next week.

Happy Fitness Friday

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