Friday, January 29, 2016

Marathon Training & 21 Day Fix Progress Update | Week 1

If you've been following me on any of my social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, or Snap Chat (mspamblam) you would have heard me talk about my marathon training which started on January 25th!! If you're not follow me go check it out if you want to keep up with my training daily and make sure you subscribe to my blog for weekly updates.

So here's how week 1, Fail, FAIL! hahaha okay let me explain what happen. 

The training program I'm follow as created by ME! I like to make my own training plan that works with my schedule and my fitness level. This time around I've taken a free online marathon training program and combined it with one of my old training program and added some Beachbody training programs. Sounds complicated but it really isn't.

Basically twice a week I'm running intervals which will help me with my speed and temp. Three times a week I'm doing a Beachbody workout to help me with arm, core and leg strength. Once a week I'm doing a long slow run which will help with my endurance. Then finally I get one rest day...hooray!! I will be following this training program for the next 18 weeks. 

When I started my marathon journey on January 25th I was EXTREMELY determined! I was so excited to be running again. When I took a look back I haven't done any running training since 2013 and my last marathon was in 2012. I was really looking forward to diving in!!

BUT I forgot about how much of a commitment training is...I got so busy on January 25th that by the time I was ready to train it was 10pm and I was exhausted. I ended up doing NOTHING and going to bed very disappointed.

The next day I got up and all I could think about was my training plan. I check my program and I was supposed to run. My husband even agreed to do my training with me after work. It was all I could think about for the entire day! When I got home we got ready to leave the house and both of us were looking forward to head out and do some training. We opened the front door....and it was POURING rain (freezing rain). We looked at each other and agreed that we would still go. Well - we only made it half way down the block before changing our minds and heading home. It was EXTREMELY dangerous conditions...we weren't even running, it was more like a old man shuffle. There was no way for us to run intervals..there was no way for us to run period! The sidewalks were just too slippery. 

So lets 1 -fail, day 2 -fail...finally on day 3 I got back on track!

Day 3 - I was supposed to do a Beachbody workout (which I did) but because I hasn't had much success over the past 2 days I ended up doing 2 Beachbody workouts!! (man was I tiered the next day) I ended up doing a total cardio & upper body workout for the 21 Day Fix program. If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen a short video of me working out.

Day 4 - FINALLY the ice was melted enough that I was able to go out for a run! I ended up doing 6 intervals...I was so energetic and excited to be out running I was doing most of the intervals sub 5min/km!! Although I was so tiered the next day I'm not even sure where I found the energy to get out of bed and go to work (I could barley walk down my stairs).

Now this blog post is going live January 29th which means I haven't completed a full week...but I wanted to get this up for my "Fitness Friday" post. 

I still have to complete a Beachbody workout today and tomorrow I have a long slow run (of 10km). I'll let you know how things go next week in my update!!

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Thanks for stopping by!! 

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