Monday, January 4, 2016

Best Beauty Products of 2015

2015 is over....WHAT!?!?! That year went way too fast for me. I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Years. So many amazing things happened in 2015, by far I think that was my best year (so far). A few highlights from the year:

-I got married in July (on my 10 year anniversary)
-My blog hit 10,000 views
-I became a Beachbody coach
-I got a job promotion at work
-I reconnected with old friends
-I got possession of my new house
-I graduated university with my degree
-I got 3 fitness certifications

All and all it was an amazing year. During the year I also made some great discoveries in the beauty department. I wanted to share some of those best of 2015 products I've discovered. 

First off is the T3 trio. This is my favorite hair tool of 2015. I love the versatility of this product plus I just found out that I can buy additional wands for this's pretty much an all in one and you don't need anything else. 
Favorite foundation and concealer is the Dior star. I've been searching and searching for the perfect foundation, I've tried others in 2015 but I just kept coming back to the Dior foundation. I've been using it for 11 consecutive months and I've gone through 3 bottles now. This is great for dry skin because it gives you a brightening glow to your skin and makes you look a little dewy -  not grease, it just gives you the perfect glow. 
Under that foundation I've been using the Arbonne makeup primer. The only downside of this primer is you can only order it online. Other than that this primer just glides on and helps your foundation last longer. 
These lashes I used for my engagement and wedding photos (and for New Years Eve which is why the package is empty). They are just outer accent lashes that look very natural but just make your lashes look fuller. I love the way these look on my eyes plus I find that the accent lashes are much easier to apply rather than a full lash. 
This is a MUST mascara for special occasions. I've gone through 2 tubes of this mascara. It's the Chanel Le Volume De Chanel Waterproof. I wear this even when I wear false lashes...I used it on my wedding day and I can say it SAYS PUT! You can cry your heart out and your lashes will still look good. 
For my brows I've been loving the Anastasia brow wiz. This looks like natural brow hairs, it fills my brows in great and lasts all day (you do have to set your brows with gel). 
My final love for 2015 has been Makeup Geek eye shadows. I have put all my other eye palettes away and I've just been using these shadows. They are so pigmented and creamy, I love how affordable they are and that you can customize your own palette. I defiantly need to dedicate a post to just the Makeup Geek products I own. I highly recommend trying these eye shadows out, there are amazing eye shadow swatches on their website! 

What were your favorite products of 2015? Share with me in the comments below 

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  1. Your killing me with your faves! Now I want to run out and by the T3 trio and the Chanel mascara! Don't even get me started on MUG eyeshadows.