Monday, January 25, 2016

Favorite Nude Lipstick | Mac Lipstick Collections

Nude lipsticks have always been my go-to lip color of choice. I've gone through my lipstick collection and some how all my must have lipsticks are Mac...when did that happen? I used to have a variety of lipsticks in my purse ranging from drugstore to high-end. But over the years I've migrated to Mac matte lipsticks. I find (if you use a lip liner) these colors last the longest, they don't bleed outside my lip line and they just overall look the best on me. 

Some of these colors look fairly similar but they are each unique with their color. Each of these colors have a matte when I think of matte I think of drying and emphasis of my fine lines in my lips. But that's not the case at all! Even though these are matte I still find them buttery smooth. I always use a lip liner with each one PLUS I make sure that my lips are well prepped and moist before I put anything on them.

(Starting from left to right)

Mac Whirl - This is the darkest out of all five. It is described as a dusty rose, it has more of a brown undertone and I like to wear this in the evenings 

Mac Mehr - This is the second most worn lipstick in my collection. It is a dirty blue pink, which I love! Lipsticks that have blue undertones make my teeth look whiter. If I want a nude pink look during the day I will pick this one

Mac Honey Love - This is my MOST worn lipstick out of all of them. It is a light beige tone with rose. This is as nude as it gets. I will wear this during the day as a casual look, or at night when I have a bolder eye. It's prefect anytime of the day

Mac Please Me - This is the brightest out of all five shades. It's a muted rosy tinted pink, this is my most worn lipstick in the summer. I feel that it's a little too bright for the winter months but this is a summer time perfect shade. It's perfect when you have a nude eye look or if your eyes are hidden behind sunglasses and you want a pop of color on your lips 

Mac Kinda Sexy - Finally we have a neutral pinky rose. This is probably my third most worn lip color. The only issue I have with this one is it's too nude. I like to finish this color with a pop of pink lip gloss over top, otherwise I look dead

I hope this post was helpful if you've on the hunt for a  new lip color. Let me know your favorite nude lipstick shade, I am always on the lookout for more to add to my collection!! 

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