Monday, January 11, 2016

7 Life Change Beauty Hacks | Lazy Girl Beauty Hacks

1) Keep makeup remover in your bedside table...that way you have NO excuses not to take off your makeup before bed

2)If you're out of eyeliner just borrow some mascara....grab a eyeliner brush and take some mascara from off the wand. Use that as your eyeliner

3) Instantly make your eyes look more awake....line the inner rim with a nude liner

4) If you need a root touch up but haven't gotten around to it....just tease your hair and make a messy side part

5) Dry shampoo will change your life....if you need to extend that hair style and don't have time to wash your hair just grab some dry shampoo and extend that style

6) If you washed your hair but don'g have time to blow dry it....twist it up into a bun and clip it. You can always take out the pin and you will instantly have effortless waves

7) If curling your hair takes too much time in the morning....go to bed with a loose braid and in the morning you will have effortless mermaid waves

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