Wednesday, June 29, 2016

June Life Update | Ms Pam Blam & Blam Bombshell Fitness


It's been a while since my last life update, June has been just a roller coaster ride of fun, stress and home projects.

If you saw my Facebook or Instagram post from today, I mentioned that I've missed a lot of my workouts this month.

The weather here finally cleared up and my husband & I took advantage of that to start building our fence. This is our first summer in our new house and there are a ton of outside projects we want to get done...but number one on the list was to get our fence up. What we thought would be a simple weekend project turned into a month long project. Let me tell you putting up a 54 foot fence was no picnic. It was a TON of manual labor and being a non stereotypical housewife I pitched in as much as my husband did when it came down to the actual work.

I feel that being a non stereotypical housewife gets me a lot of weird stares thrown my way when we're out working in our yard. People find it very hard to believe that I pitch in as much as I do when it comes to hard manual labor but it just how I was raised...everyone pitches in and helps when it comes to big projects like that.

Our fence is about 90% done, there are a few final touches we need to put on it.

The days that we spend on the fence were long and exhausting. There were many times that I would collapse at the end of the day into bed and fall asleep for a good 12 hours. Working out was out of the questions. But now that we are wrapping up the project I am getting back into the swing of things!

You would also know if you follow me on Facebook that my home business with Beachbody has been very quit. There have been little to no posts on my page and that's of course because my time has been directed else were...but I'm back now! Super excited to gear up my business and run some new online fitness groups!!

Big things are going to be happening in July! It's hard to believe that June is already over but July has to be my favorite month of the year. It's the month that I got married, it's my birthday month, the weather is always hot, there are a ton of festivals and events to go to, plus it's a great time to take summer vacation!

Leave in the comments below...what are you looking forward to in July?

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