Saturday, October 3, 2015

Blogtober Day 3 | Fixing Hot Roots

Picture above: before

Picture above: after

If you've ever gotten hot roots you know...its not cute! Recently I used Wella Permanent Liquid Haircolor in hi lift to lighten my brown hair. It worked out great.....well great except for the fact that my roots were a bright orange. 

It didn't look too bad if I pulled my hair half up or pull&clip my bangs back. Leaving my hair down completely was absolutely a no go.

To fix this problem I used Wella Permanent Liquid Haircolor in 5A (light ash brown) with 10 volume developer. I only painted this on my hair at the roots and down for about 1 inch. I didn't let it sit for very long, about 10min.

Then I rinsed everything out and did a hair mask (for me this is a must after EVERY time I color my hair).

Voila! No more hot roots. 

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