Thursday, October 8, 2015

Blogtober Day 8 | 10 Things I Do As A Beachbody Coach

What's a Beachbody coach? What do you actually do as a coach?

Here are 10 things I do as a Beachbody coach

1) Use the Beachbody programs - probably the  most important out of EVERYTHING. I don't just sell and tell other people to use these programs. I use, believe and have seen results myself from using these programs. 

2) Drink Shakeology - Beachbody is more than at home fitness programs. They have a whole line of nutrition supplements and it's important as a coach to keep myself fit and healthy in order to encourage others to do the same. Practice what you preach. 

3) Tell Everyone your a Beachbody coach - Get the word out there! A lot of my business at the start was all word of mouth. Tell everyone and anyone that you are a Beachbody coach.

4) Get on Social Media - The best tool at your disposal is social media. It's the best way to reach a lot of people and develop relationships with your customers. Get an account for everything you can Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat...Everything!

5) Invite people to try Beachbody programs - if you don't ask they wont try. 

6) Invite people to join your team - In order to build a team of coaches you have to ask people to join your team. Share what being a Beachbody coach has done for you and what it could do for them. 

7) Post of social media daily - it's not enough to just get a social media account you have to use it! Let people know that you are actively using Beachbody and actively coaching. 

8) Connect with your team - Your team is a powerful tool. You have your upline to reach out to when you need help or advice. I have gotten so much help from upline over the past few months. My sponsor coach was there to get me started and work with me to get my team started. 

9) Build your own team - if you want to be a business builder as a Beachbody coach -  the only way to do it is to build a team. If you want to know how or where to start ask your upline to help you get started and how to recruit coaches. 

10) Help others get active, fit & healthy - I try to connect with at least 3 people every month and get them on track to get active, fit & healthy. I know 3 doesn't sound like a lot but not everyone is ready to get started on their fitness journey when I first start a conversation with them. Be patient and learn to listen and work with your customer to help reach THEIR goals. Everyone's goals are going to be different.

All Beachbody coaches are different. This is just my experience with the company and a few things that I do as a coach.

If you want to join my Beachbody team send me an email and lets chat.

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