Monday, May 30, 2016

May 2016 Monthly Favorites

Loreal True Match Lumi Cushion - Now that summer is here I've been wearing less products and a lighter more dewy foundation. Currently I've been loving this Loreal Lumi Cushion. It's a very lightweight but buildable formula that has a very dewy finish. I will set this foundation with powder, otherwise it wont last long on my face.

YSL All in One BB Creme - Another great summer foundation. I have such a hard time finding a BB creme that will work with my pale skin. This BB creme has their lightest color as "clear", so far this is the best match for my pale skin and it can be layered with the Loreal cushion foundation if I want a heavier coverage. 

Caudalie Beauty Elixir - This is a product that I go back and forther on. On the one hand it's really expensive and its just a spritz of moisture...on the other hand when I don't use it I notice a huge difference. Dry skins girls you MUST try this trick. I find that even though I have dry skin I still like to set my foundation with powder so it lasts longer. But if I set it with powder my dry skin will cling to the powder and make me look like I have a cake face....the solution? I will spray my face with this elixir and then while my face is still wet I powder. The powder just seems to melt into my skin giving me an airbrushed look and my foundation will last all day!

Diorshow Iconic Overcurl - I have rediscovered my love for this mascara. This is a little baby sample I got from Sephora and it has made me fall in love with this mascara all over again. It's a great mascara and I find it encourages my lashes to curl...but I will say that it's a pain when I try to remove it. 

Z Palette & Makeup Geek Eyeshadows - I've defiantly been wearing less eye makeup with this hot weather we've been having. Lets me honest I would rather spend more time outside and less time inside doing my makeup. My current obsession is to grab one of these smaller z palettes and throwing together a simple eye look. Right now my current obsession is: white lies, peach smoothie, hipster and shimma shimma with Bliss blush. It's the perfect summer look that is very quick to apply.

Infusium 23 Repair & Renew Heat Tamer - With now having blonde hair I'm finding that I have to change up my hair products. My hair has become VERY dry and is VERY damaged. I have been very careful about using less heat and more heat protectors. There is a heat protector in my leave in conditioner I use after the shower but I've also been soaking my hair in this product before I blow dry, straighten or curl my hair. I'm finding that it is really helping me controls any additional breakage and damage that heat causes. 

BaByliss Pro Rapido - I have to say this....BEST BLOW DRYER I HAVE EVER USED. I will never again need to buy another blow dryer for as long as this one shall live. This is blow dryer is the first higher performance  professional dryer I have ever owned. It was made in Italy and has an ultra efficient high speed turbo powdered engine designed by Ferrari. Yes I can say that I actually own a Ferrari blow dryer. This dry is very light weight and drys my hair incredibly fast. Normally I could never dry my hair in one sitting because I would have to use the hottest setting and it would still take about 30min to dry hair would be extremely dry and damaged by the time I was done. Now I use the lowest heat setting and I can dry my hair under 10min! My hair is left feeling soft and luxurious. Normally I would never spend this much on a blow dryer but I feel like this is going to last me a very long time so it is well worth that money. 

What where your May favorites? 

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