Friday, May 13, 2016

What Is Beachbody Coaching? | Being The CEO Of Your Own Business

Beachbody Coaching...

What the heck is it!?!

When I first started out as a Beachbody coach I never imagined that my life would change as much as it has. I truly believe that anyone can be a Beachbody coach but Beachbody coaching isn't for everyone.

As a Beachbody coach I've learned that you have to be committed to your health & fitness so that you can become a role model for everyone around you. Then Beachbody coaches must be committed to those around them and helping them committee to their own health & fitness through exercise, eating nutritiously & making positive changes.

Beachbody wants to pay me to workout!?!?!

OKAY! It was kind of a no brainier since I've been using their programs since 2011 anyway.

I never thought it a million years I would be CEO of my own business...but I am! I am the founder of Blam Bombshell Fitness, a small but growing group of Beachbody coaches committed to our health and helping others with their health.

I've learned very quickly that being CEO of your business with no guarantee of success unless you do things right. Just because you sign up as a Beachbody coach doesn't mean you will be entitled to instant success. I've had to work very hard everyday at growing my business, establishing relationships with customers and being sure that I stayed committed to my own health.

What my secret? It's all about how diligent, resistance and resilient you stay towards your business!

I feel  like working from home makes it very easy to get distracted and fall off track. Only those who stay focused and what to succeed in this business bad enough are successful.

This business is nothing like owning a coffee shop or some kind of retail store. You're not just unlocking a door and letting customers come, selling them a cup of coffee and wishing them well as they walk out the door.

This business is so much more than that!

You are showing up everyday on your social media, set goals and following through, gaining customers trust and helping me through their fitness journey.

How many people can honestly say they love their job? I can! I love being a Beachbody coach and I love being the founder/CEO of Blam Bombshell Fitness.

Interested in joining my team? Fill out this application and we'll chat soon.

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