Saturday, July 23, 2016

Fitness Update | Blam Bombshell Fitness

Work, family, life, working do you balance it all?

Over the past few months I have been training for a qualifying duathlon race that will put me back onto team Canada and allow me to compete at the 2017 World Duathlon Championships. My training has been a constant roller coaster fill with serveral set backs. 

My training might seem very different from most duathlets. As a Beachbody coach I strongly believe and has seen amazing results with these programs when it comes to increasing my fitness and leg strength running/biking. Because of this I use a combination of Beachbody programs, interval running, long distance running and biking to train for my duathlon.

 But how do you balance it all? In spring I left my job and became a full time Beachbody coach, which has been a dream come true and blessing....but as I have found out very quickly that working from home is no piece of cake. I'm easily distracted and still somehow manager to run out of time in my day without getting a workout in.

In addition to that this is our first summer in our new house...what does that mean? So many house projects I've lost count. Because we decided to build our first home nothing is completed on the exterior of our home. That means everything from landscaping, fence building, deck painting, ect had to be completed. My husband and I have been very busy in our yard every single day trying to accomplish these tasks - it's been taking up most of our time.

With that being said I am still pushing forward and training like mad! I only have about 42 days left until qualifying! summer has just flown by.

My plan for the next 42 days - be as organized as possible. In order to keep myself on track I'm having to keep myself accountable. That means making a very strict schedule and making myself stick to it! My schedule includes when I'm going to workout, shower, work my at home business, clean, spend time with my family, ect. It means no more slacking off and getting down to business! This next 42 days is really going to test myself to see how bad do I really want this? 

I truly believe that if you want something bad enough you will find a way to make it happen.

I know that balancing it all is so difficult. Trust me I've been there this summer. Trying to jungle home projects, working from home, family, working out, ect....things have slipped through the cracks. I haven't been happy about it but sometimes these things happen.  

 So what's the plan for this upcoming week? Well I'm just coming back from a knee injury...nothing major I just had a fluke accident where I twisted my knee running home night. I've gave it a weekend off and now I'm back training without missing a beat!

This upcoming week I'm planning on doing a Beachbody workouts every single day....time to step it up! I'll be running three times this week - one interval run with 400m intervals, one tempo run and one long run. Plus I'll be going out twice on my bike. One time will be 1min intervals with high cadence for one hour and the second time will be a long ride that will take about one and a half hours for endurance.

The week after that will be a similar training schedule except instead of running 400m intervals I will be running 200m intervals....I have to say I love shorter intervals, it means I get to fly and running a super fast pace! I have to admit I have a soft spot for sprinting since I was a track and field sprinter from grade 6-12.

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