Thursday, September 25, 2014

September Favorites

It's almost the end of the month, I figured I would get my September favorites posted as I have been LOVING some products this month. I've narrowed my list down to five products that I wanted to talk about.

The first is a DIY lash serum that I made at the beginning of this month. I'm not big on false lashes so I'm trying to do whatever I can to make mine look amazing! I've been using this serum for our four weeks and I've already noticed a difference. Stay tuned and I'll be doing a full review/tutorial on how to make your own lash serum in an upcoming blog post. 

The next product I picked up because I had a fall wedding to attend. My legs were looking a little pale and I didn't have time to use my gradual tanner. The Sally Hansen airbrush legs gave me a great glow! I even put some on my arms to even out my farms tan and it looked great! I used a tanning mitt to apply it so I would get airbrushed results, however, you can also just use your hand to rub the product in. I had this on all day and it lasted until the end of the reception. It's looks a little scary when you first put it on but just keep blending and you'll be fine.

Next we have a hair product called its a 10 miracle leave in plus keratin. I put this on as soon as I get out of the shower and it claims to
-maintenance of keratin straightening treatments
-increase styling and manageability
-perfect for all hair types
-replaces lost protein
-protects the natural keratin in hair
-protects against heat
-restores hydration balance
-detangles, defizzers and adds shine
-strengthens hair structure
-seals cuticles for extra silky hair

Another hair product made it into this month's favorites and that's the Alterna rehab deep hydration masque. I know that most people's favorite is the macadamia hair mask but unfortunately I am allergic. If you are interested in trying out the macadamia mask but find that you can use it either I would recommend this one! My hair is so soft and silky smoother after every use.

Finally my last favorite of the month is the Nars ITA brush. I love this brush for contouring, which is something I do every day! This brush is amazing and gives the best results

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I hope you had a great September! Stop by next month for my October favorites.

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