Thursday, October 2, 2014

Olay Fresh Effects

I recently tried a new makeup wipe from the drug store that I thought I would share. Originally I bought the "Olay fresh effects EVERYTHING OFF!" and fell in love!!! When I went back to the store to repurchase I accidentally picked up the "Olay fresh effects S'WIPE OUT!" and didn't even realize I had picked up the wrong one until I tried using it....BIG DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE TWO.

Above are picture of each, on the left you have the S'WIPE OUT and on the right you have the EVERYTHING OFF.

 The EVERYTHING OFF is a deluxe make-up removal wet cloths. It claims to have honeysuckle and white tea. It has a nice smell and the cloths are very moist. The packaging doesn't always stay shut so I recommend putting in a Ziploc bag so the cloths don't dry out.

The S'WIPE OUT is a refreshing make up removal cloth. I don't enjoy the sent as much as the other one and I don't find these are as moist as the EVERYTHING OFF. My skin felt like there was a film or something left on my skin, I didn't every much enjoy how it felt and I had to deep clean every time after I used the cloths.

 Above is a close up of the S'WIPE OUT cloth

Above is a cloth up of the EVERYTHING OFF

As you can see the cloths look pretty much identical but amazingly they are  very different. I find with the EVERYTHING OFF it really does take everything off! My makeup comes completely off with one cloth (except mascara I use a separate makeup remover). With the S'WIPE OUT I usually use about 2-3 cloths to get all my makeup off for the night....HUGE difference. The cost is the same for each cloths, however, something else to consider is you get 25 EVERYTHING OFF cloths and only 20 S'WIPE OUT cloths. I'm defiantly going to stick with the everything off, it has turned out to be a time and money saver!

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