Monday, October 27, 2014

Nars ITA Brush Review

The Nars ITA brush was featured on my September favorites, I've had this brush since July and I've developed a love hate relationship with it. I really wanted to jump on the banded wagon, there have been tons of reviews on this brush done by bloggers and YouTubers (I'm sure most of them paid so they're not completely honest). I purchased the ITA brush directly from the Nars website and when I first got it I LOVED IT!!! However, as time went on the brush quickly started showing some signs of wear and tear. 
The bristles are extremely soft and have remained soft wash after every wash. It blends really well and keeps a sharp contour. I only use this brush when I want more of a dramatic look, it's not for everyday contouring (unless of course you like a dramatic day to day look). 
 The brush is extremely thin and is very easy to grip and work with. The handle does get pretty dirty, as most Nars packaging does.
Now for some of the negatives...after a few uses even before I washed the brush, I noticed that it started to shed. At first it wasn't so noticeable but after about a month it got really bad!! After putting on my contour I would have to go back and pick off all the little fuzzes it left behind. Every time I wash it I'm worried the whole brush will just fall apart. As you can see from some of the pictures the bristles are no longer even.

As I've said I know there are a ton of great review on this brush, now it is possible that these reviews aren't honest because these bloggers and YouTubers are getting paid. But there is the possibility that I received a defective brush. Maybe this brush really is amazing and there are other people out there who have the Nars ITA and theirs isn't falling apart like mine. However, for the price I'm not willing to re-purchase another one to test that theory. 
All & all I think this is a great brush but I am disappointed with the wear and tear. There are other great contour brushes that are more reasonably priced and more durable options. If you can afford to splurge on this brush then I would say go for it but just know it isn't worth all the hype.

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