Friday, October 31, 2014

10 Workout Tips For Busy People

1) Make a schedule - plan ahead and note when you have time to fit in a quick workout

2) Utilize your lunch - make every minute count, take your lunch and head out for a  walk or head to the gym

3) Short works with maximum efficiency - even 20 min a day can count. Do short effective workouts, there are tons of DVD's to follow along at home. My favorite is Jillian Michaels, she has short workouts but she packs a lot into 20min and you can really feel it

4)Get your Z's - getting enough sleep and feeling well rested will help feel motivated to go workout

5)De-stress - use your workouts as a way to manage your stress levels

6)Set Goals - set weekly goals for how many times/how long you workout for. Try to better that goal every week, challenge yourself!!

7)Make it social - work out with others: coworkers, friends, family, workout group, ect

8)Be realistic - don't schedule too much every week. Be realistic with your goals, always set yourself up for success! Being successful during this process will help motivate you

9)Include your household - if you have kids, spouses, furry pets include them in your workout routine. Not only will you set a good example but you are promoting a healthy lifestyle for the household. Get everyone involved! It's fun for the whole family

10)Make your commute a workout - try biking or walking to the office if you live close enough, promote your coworkers to do the same

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