Monday, November 24, 2014

Sephora VIB Haul November 2014

My Sephora order just showed up in the mail last week and boy was I excited when I saw this!!! I've been wanting to try out some new products but I knew this sale was coming up so I decided to wait. I have tried all of these products yet so I am not able to give you a solid overall review but you can let me know in the comments below if you want me to do a review on a specific product and I will make another blog post.
Okay here we go! This is the haul for the VIB sale. 
 First off I redeemed 500 point for a couple Alterna products. I've already done a blog post on the few Alterna products I've tried so I'm very excited to see if these are just as good as what I've tried already.
 I repurchased the Urban Decay setting spray. This is about my fourth bottle of this spray, it's definitely a product that I LOVE!
 This product is a new one for me. I bought the color Ethereal Light. I've been able to use this a few times and I must say I can see why everyone raves about this product.
 Nars unfortunately let me down again. I bought two of their velvet matte lip pencils but I returned these the next day. I wasn't impressed with the color or the formula.
 I already own the Naked Basics palette (which is my go to palette for work) however, I think I like Naked 2 better! For the past week this I've been reaching for the palette instead of the original palette. If you like the first one I would definitely recommend picking this palette up to add to your collection.
 It's taken me a long time but I finally picked up the Naked palette. Last year when Sephora had their VIB sale in November I picked up Naked 2 because in pictures I thought I would like it more than the original. Then for my birthday in July my finance bought me the Naked 3 palette. Finally after getting two and three I decided that i needed to add the original to my collection and I am very happy that I did.
 This next product is a little different. I usually don't use a mascara primer but this one looked interesting and got really good reviews. I'm excited to see if this dose anything or if it's just a gimmick product...who knows. I'll have to put it to the test before I can say for sure.
I have this maraca in the non waterproof formula but I wanted to compare the two to see which formula I like better. I haven't had a chance to use this yet as I am trying to use up some maracas that i already have open.

Let me know if you picked anything up at the VIB sale and what you picked up. Anything that I should be trying?

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