Monday, December 29, 2014

Products I've Used Up December 2014

The trash can under my makeup vanity is getting pretty full of beauty trash....which can only mean one thing. It's time for another blog post for products I've used up. It's a little weird to save your empties instead of throwing them away. This is probably my favorite blog post to do!! I love sharing what I've tried and if I like what I've tried.
First up is an Olay bodywash. This I didn't like and I wont be repurchasing. The smell was pretty good but it didn't give me that really great clean feeling.
Next up I've already done a blog post on. I love this Alterna mask and I will defiently be repurchasing. It leaves your hair feeling very soft and smooth, it's great for color treated hair and wont fade your color.
I gave a drugstore night cream a try and I didn't enjoy it. This is the Neutrogena Light night cream, it wasn't very moisturizing and I felt like the product just sat on the top of your skin instead of soaking in.
This is a holy grail product. This is the Estee Lauder day wear moisturizer. I used this for my day and night cream, I've already repurchaser another one and I've already half way through.
The Loreal serum is a dud and I didn't even finish the bottle. This was very oily and I found it was pretty drying. I can't make it through this bottle so it's just going in the trash.
Another Estee Lauder and another product that is my holy grail. This is the night eye cream and it's amazing! I haven't repurchased it yet but it's on my list of things to get.
Another eye night cream and this one isn't my favorite. This eye cream is from Neutrogena and it's not as great as the Estee Lauder one so i'll pass on buying it again.
Next up is a product that is hard to find. This is the Arbonne makeup primer, this is my most favorite primer. It's not oily and dosen't clog any pores. It's velvety smooth on your skin and keeps your makeup in place.
I purchased this mascara on a recommendation and it's okay but not my favorite. This is the physicians formula organic wear. I'm undecided if i'll repurchase or not. The forumula isn't great and it dosen't flake, however, I don't like the wand. It's a jumbo wand and I find it hard to apply as i have small eyes.
Last up is another Neutrogena product. This is another serum, I found it very oily and it sat on top of my skin. Not something I would repurchase.

Thanks for joining me for makeup Monday!!! What are some of your favorite products you would repurchase??

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  1. It is indeed weird to keep empties but it's such a good feeling! I was tempted by the Physician Formula mascara, as I think it was Tati on YT that says it's her favourite. I think it's expensive for a drugstore brand though!