Monday, December 8, 2014

Chanel Angled Powder Brush #2

Welcome back to Makeup Monday!!! 

Today I thought I would share a new makeup brush I recently purchased. I just wanted to add really quick that all credit goes to makeupbytiffanyd, she is the reason I picked up this brush. After watching many, many, many of her YouTube videos I decided to give this brush ago.
 I picked this brush up at The Bay, it comes in a beautiful velvet packaging. Let me tell you, this is not a cheap brush but I personally feel it was well worth the money.
 I first off love this brush because it is very fluffy and angles. I use this brush for my bronzer, I don't necessary love a really chiseled look. This makes my bronzer very natural and it really blenders your makeup without taking your foundation off.
Check back next Monday for another Makeup Monday blog post!! Have a wonderful week. Thanks for stopping by.

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