Monday, December 22, 2014

Rimmel Wonder Lash Mascara

Recently I picked up the Rimmel Wonder Lash mascara, I was very interested in trying this out because I saw that it had argan oil. 
The tube is a little interesting. It's twisted so you have to make sure you click the tube closed. The formulation isn't super wet or dry. 
 I like the brush but it's very flexible which I don't really like. I like stiff wands so that I get really get into the lash.
The results gives you a very natural look. You'll notice on the left I have one coat of the Rimmel mascara on, the right has nothing.
I don't have too many complaints about this mascara. It's advertised to be clump free and I can say that it defiantly is. I've been using it for less than a week so I can't really say that I notice the argan oil but I'm hoping that over time I'll notice that the mascara conditions the lashes. 

The mascara definitely lengthens but I don't notice any thickening.

All and all I would say that this is my new favorite mascaras. I don't typically gravitate towards drug store mascaras but I will be keeping this one into the mix.

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