Friday, January 23, 2015

5 Big Fitness Tips

1) Schedule your workouts - being consistent and scheduling your workouts is a sure way to stay accountable. Don't count of the fact that you may have a spur of the moment urge to start working out every day.

2)Always warm up before stretching - I could do an entire blog post on this topic! A proper warm-up will prepare the body for your workout. It can increase blood flow throughout your muscles and makes them more elastic. It can give you a great range of motion for better movement and form during a workout. It will also increase mental focus and concentration, use your warm-up as a chance to zone in on what your goal of each workout is.

3)Stick with it - yes working out can be hard when your first start. It's important to stick with it, you will see results. Also did you know it takes 21 days to create a habit? Push yourself for 21 days to consistently workout, you'll notice that it will begin to be a part of your regular routine.

4)Hydrate during your workout - all of us sweat during our workout, which means you are loosing your water. Its important to make sure you are keeping yourself hydrated, dehydration can cause you don't get light headed and stop your workout. Depending on how long your workout is, you might what to think about adding some electrolytes to your water.

5)Fuel your body before, during and after working out - your body needs fuel and energy before you can start a workout. Make sure you are eating properly and not too close to your workout. During a workout keep yourself hydrated, depending on the duration of a workout you may or may not need extra nutrition. After a workout it's important to eat your recovery food within 30 min of your last hard interval...not 30 min for a cool down.

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