Monday, January 12, 2015

Younique 3D Fiber Mascara

 I'm a little late to the party with mascara but oh well. Better late than never!! I recently went on a girls trip and someone I went with recommended that I give this mascara a try. She knows that I love me some lashes but I'm not a fan of false lashes.
 You get two tubes in the package. The first is a gel that you use before and after the fibers (that's the longer tube). The shorter tube are the fibers.
 The gel is black and pretty much looks like regular mascara.
 The fibers are black which I really like, it blends into your lashes and the gel without any worry of them showing up funny.
 The left eye I have the 3D mascara and the right eye has nothing...HUGE difference.
Even though I love this mascara I will throw out one have to practice putting it on!! This can quickly turn into a hot mess if you aren't careful. Don't expect to get this perfect on the fist try. I found that it transfers very easily and can get all over the place. It took me a few trys to figure how to best apply this on my eyes but now that I've perfected the technique it's a definite keeper.

Have you tried this mascara out yet? What are your thoughts?

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