Monday, January 26, 2015

Sensationail Gel Nail Polish Started Kit

 I picked up the Senationail Gel Nail Polish Started Kit. I love my nails but it's always a pain when you spend so much time doing your nails and then they chip in two days. This kit claims to last two weeks so I decided to try it out and put it to the test.
 This kit comes with a LED light, double sides nail buffer, lint free wipes, gel cleanser, gel primer, gel base & top coat, gel polish (the color I got is Raspberry Wine), manicure stick and directions.
 The directions are very straight forward and easy to follow. From start to finish it took no more than 15 miniets and they were completly dry as soon as I dry to the point I wash doing the dishes about 5 min after!!! I was very impressed by that.
 In addition to the started kit I also picked up the removal kit. I will say that these did come in handy when removing the gel but defiantly not necessary if you don't want to spend extra money. There are cheaper wraps that you can purchase that will do the exactly same thing as these do.
 I also picked up the removal tool, I will say that this is amazing and works better than the manicure stick they include. This wasn't too expensive and you will never need to replace it, unless of course you happen to loose it.
 In addition to the Raspberry Wine color I decided to pick up three more. Red isn't may favorite color so I decided to pick up some other colors that would suit me better. A couple of these were even on sale which makes it even better!
Okay, so now to answer the question you are probably all wonder about. How long did these gel nails last? It claims to last 2 weeks or 14 days. The picture above was taken on day 10!!! As you can see there is slight chipping and you can see my nails did grow a little in the 10 days but other than that it's not that bad. 

My final thoughts, this is one of the best at home nail kits that I've tried! It was easy to follow, dried quickly and lasted a long time. I was impressed and I found that in the 10 days that I had this gel on my nails were able to grow and looked great once the gel came off. If you are looking for a at home gel kit this is the one I would recommend you try.

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