Friday, January 9, 2015

P90X Update Week 7&8

Here is a brief overview of how my week 7&8 workouts went.

Did I complete all the workouts? No, I had to skip a couple as "life" got in the way

Did I increase my weight? Yes, some one the workouts I was able to double my weight from when I first started the program

Was I able to do all the moves? No, there are still a few exercise that I struggle with and either have to do a modified version or skip over

Have I lost weight? Since I've started the program I've lost about 5 pounds...not huge but I'm doing doing the program to lose any weight

Do I feel any different? No really, still a little fatigued after some workouts

Has my body gotten toner? Yes, in some places I've noticed a huge change

Will I continue the workout? Absolutely!! I only have a few more weeks to go!! Check back next Friday for another update

Do you have any questions about my progress? Leave your questions in the comments below and I am more than happy to answer any of them!!

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