Monday, January 19, 2015

Physicians Formula Eye Booster Instant Lash Extension Kit

 Yes another week, another makeup Monday, and another review on a lash product!! I went out to the drugstore on Friday and picked up the Physicians Formula Eye Booster Instant Lash Extension Kit.
 This kit comes with a mascara and extensions, it supposed to be a 24 hour wear. Same consept as the Younique 3D mascara wear you brush on the mascara then the fibers and seal it with the mascara again.
 The longer brush is the mascara and the shorter brush are the fibers.
 The left eye in the above photo has one coat on the physicians formula eye booster and the right eye has nothing.
I will say that this mascara isn't as messy as the Younique mascara, however, the fibers do shed a lot more. After putting on the mascara make sure you have a powder brush near by to sweep over your face and brush the fibers off. I will say that through out the day they will not flake it's just when you initially put the fibers on. These fibers are also less dramatic than others that I have tried, however, I'm interested to see what a second coat could do! This mascara isn't clumpy at all and is very easy to work with.

Have you tried this product out? I recommend that you do! Tell me your thoughts.

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